Shri Digambar Jain Sidha Kshetra, Pavapuri


This place is believed to be the Nirwaan Sthali (place of salvation) of Bhagwaan Mahavir. The place has a huge lake with Lotus flowers, with a Jain temple in the middle. The temple is now under Shwetambar Jains. However, an ancient 'charan' of Bhagwaan Mahavir are still present. Digambar Jain temple is just outside the lake. In ancient times this tirth was a city of the Magadhas., Its ancient name was ‘Apapapuri’. This tirth is the place of the last monsoon sojourns of Mahavir Swami. Many kings and rich merchants came to hear the sermons of Bhagawan Mahavir. Bhagawan Mahavir preached and initiated many people. Since their doubts were removed, eleven Brahmins with 4400 disciples took diksa from Bhagawan. Bhagawan Mahavir appointed these eleven Brahmins as Gandharas. After giving his final sermons Bhagawan attained Nirvan on this land on the fifteenth day of the dark half of the month of Ashvin and on that dark night in the absence of Bhagawan, the gem of a lamp, people lighted innumerable lamps and in memory of that day, the whole city shines brightly with the light of thousands of lamps on the Diwali day even now. Nandivardhan, the elder brother of Bhagawan built a small temple and installed the foot-idols of Bhagawan in them at the place of his last sermons. The temple is known today as Jalmandir. Under instructions of His Holiness Acharya Vijayramchandrasuri Maharaj Saheb, a splendid samavasaran was built on the sixth day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the year 2013 of the Virak era. 87 cm high, four idols of Bhagawan Mahvir were installed in it. In front of the samavasaran in this temple, there are idols of Mulnayak Mahavir Swami, Gautam Swami and Sudharma Swami. Since this is the land of nirvana of the last Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahvir every particle of this land deserves to be worshipped. The pure atmosphere of pure atoms and molecules of this place gives spiritual peace.


Address Shri Digambar Jain Sidha Kshetra, Pavapuri
Post-pavapuri, Sub District- Giriyak,District-Nalanda(Bihar) Pin-803115
How to reach Patana-95km, Gaya-85km. Railway station Pavapuri road is10 Km away that of Bakhtiarpuris44Kmsaway and Navada 23Km Taxis and Buses are available. Nearby is the large city of Bihar shrif which is 15 Km away. From here Bihar shrif Ranchinational highway road is only I Km far. Cars,buses.taxis can p
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State 5
City Nalanda
Phone Trust-Bihar State Pradeshika Digambar Jain Tirtha Kshetra Committee President- Shri R.K.Jain, Mumbai (022-23878293) Minister- Shri Ajaya Kumar Jain (09334396920) Trusty- Shri Vimal Kumar Jain,Patna (09934087001) Manager- Shri Jaya Kumar Jain (09931228733)
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Nearest Railway Station Pavapuri Hult
Nearest Bus Stand BiharSharf
Nearest Airport Patna, Gaya
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