Shri Digambar Jain Sidha Kshsetra,Gunawaji


This place is know to be the salvation place of Indrabhuti Gautam Ganadhar. The temple is placed in the center of a lake, which can be reached by a 60m bridge. The temple belongs to the times of Bhagawan Mahavir. There is a mention that Bhagawan Mahavir wandered about here many times and many times his samvasarans were constructed here. It is believed that Gautam Swami, the first Ganadhar of Bhagawan Mahavir attained omniscience here. There is a mention that Bhagawan Mahavir stayed here many times in the Gunashil. Chaitya ‘Guniyaji’ is a deformation of ‘Gunashil’. And that is the reason why this tirth is important.


Address Shri Digambar Jain Sidha Kshsetra,Gunawaji
Main Post- Gunawaji, District- Nawada, (Bihar) Pin-805110
How to reach Via Gaya Jangshan to Nawada, by bus or train The nearest railway station of Navada is at a distance of 3 kilometers. Guniyaji is a small village on the Patna-Ranchi main road. Bus service and private vehicles are available.
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State 5
City Nawada
Phone Trust- Shri Bihar Pradeshika Digambar Jain tirthkshetra Camiti President- Shri Sahu Sharad Kumar Jain, Mumbai Minister- Shri Ajaya kumar Jain Aara, Patana Manager- Shri Satyendra Kumar Jain, Gunawa Shri Sadayachand Jain, Nawada,Regional Minister
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Nearest Railway Station Nawada
Nearest Bus Stand Nawada
Nearest Airport Gaya
Nearest Major City N/A
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